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Proven track record of Land appreciating at higher rate on this part of the countryside, as compared to other outskirts. Affluent people of the city have their farmhouses, mostly in this area.

Also, rich Charotar neighbourhood with significant NRI population and villages like Bhadran, Anklav, Borsad nearby and easy availability of water ensures that your piece of land will always appreciate faster than other area options.

Weekend Home:

Ideal weekend gateway at just half n hour drive - you are ready to connect to nature, rejuvenate, relax and unwind without worrying about elaborate travel plans.

Self Occupancy:

If you love staying right in the lap of nature 24 x 7, you may choose to do so here coz all the major places and conveniences are just minutes drive from here, be it Vadodara city, Anklav, Borsad or Bhadran.

*This is a special pre launch offer, and subject to changes/amendments/additions/omission as deemed appropriate by us or our architect.

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