Terrace Garden

We provide you two beautiful terrace gardens with an area of 5000 square feet each, away from all the pollution and traffic. where you can cherish your special moments with get together and parties. The lavishly made gazebos and the walking track are surely going to give you an outstanding experience, while taking care of your health and needs.

Material Conservation

» Use of 20% materials with re-cycled content

» Use of local materials to the extent of 75%

» Waste reduction during construction

» Efficient waste management system

» Waste reduction through innovative design

Energy Conservation

» Hollow Fly Ash/Autoclaved Aerated blocks,Cavity Walls/Voids, envelop of dwelling units to cut down heat load

» Thermal comfort through the use of building materials with higher 'R' Value.

» High SRI meterials, minimum heat island effect - both roof and non - roof

» Renewable Energy in the form of Solar Energy

» Use of common Solar Hot Water System

» Separate Sub-energy meter for each apartment to monitor and control A.C load and save heavy electricity bills

» LED luminaries for reduced building maintenance cost

» Lighting Power Density meets baseline value

» Captive Power Generation

» Maximum day lighting

» Minimum light trespass

» Reduce Sky Glow (light pollution)

Water Conservation

Miracle are not the answer for the conservation of Earth. All it requires is one correct decision. Hence, we present to you our new venture. Nautilus-E3, lead to tremendous cost reduction. We not only help you in embracing the letest luxuries and technologies,but also aim to imbibe in you an experience of enhanced productivity, luxury, health and water conservation.

» Rain water Harvesting through roof rain water harvesting in underground sump

» Plantation for drought tolerant species

» Ground water recharge provision through recharge

» Utilizing rain water falling on campus by divererting surplus runoff to a recharge bore.

» Watering plants and trees throgh sprinklers and drip irrigation for lawns for higher effic ency and reducing evaporation losses.

» 'Kohler' water efficient green fixtures for reduced water consumption.

» Efficient power saver water supply pumping for the campus

» Efficient turt design.

» Water metering.

Indoor Environmental Quality

» Enhanced fresh Air-Ventilation

» 75% day lighting

» Provision for forced Ventilation (Exhaust System)

» Use of low VOC painting material

» Building flush out process to be done before possession

» Tobacco Smoke Control