"Space is the most important factor at Nautilus - the driving force. And, the sole aim has been to create a space for living, that offers a wholesome life over and above a good lifestyle".

Great attention has been given to each and every inch of Nautilus. So that your family moves into a home - a space that celebrates life, and not just an apartment. A place where you and your family can savour each and every moment of your life.

The beautiful Nautilus campus has the perfect ambience for living - serene and lively – just the kind you would like your home to be in! The ambience is generated primarily by the lush green environs from within which the 5 towers - Pearl, Orcadia, Oceana, Caprina, and Iona rise. Each of them an epitome of superior architecture blending together the intensely beautiful with the absolutely convenient.

Come board the Nautilus. Life is beautiful. Discover it yourself!

Discover a Home that is spread across 60,000+ sq. ft...

Every inch of which has been thought out and planned to perfection - to give you and your family a haven, a perfect habitat, a new way of life. Discover and experience an urban lifestyle where smile are friends for life, and peace of mind a way of life .

» A 60,000+ sq. ft. habitat in the heart of the city, close to everything that you will ever need.

» Abundance of greenery within the campus.

» Tastefully designed campus with soothing and decorative lighting rendering a 5- star ambience.

» Vastu compliant, with a temple inside the campus.

» 175' long natural/ vitrified stone wall with a water cascade at the main entrance.

» Internal R.C.C. / Paved Road.

» Centralized music with public address system.

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